What Laura Says
June 1, 2011
by Mark Anderson
Valley indie staples What Laura Says are back and better than ever with their latest release, Talk. Promises to be merely "the tip of the iceberg" in new music from the band, Talk grabs you by the hand and skips you along the musical sidewalk that is What Laura Says. Part pop, part soul, all funky, Talk will have you nodding your head the moment you put it on.
The EP begins with "Girl Not Gonna Leave," a kick-drum-stompin', bass-thumpin' romp complete with eerie backups and blues licks that force the body to move in time with the music. Picking up the pace only slightly, "Porch Indiana" swings in with its happy-go-lucky attitude and upbeat organ/piano and you swear you're listening to a '60s pop gem. The arpeggiated bass line certainly helps too.

Talk then moves into a different direction with "Sun Is (Out)," a kick back, drum machine led track that is personally my favorite tune on the album. The vocal melodies guide the listener down the rabbit hole and just as you're hypnotized into the swaying groove, a harmonica jumps out of nowhere, preventing you from fully succumbing to that pleasant new world. Then, just for fun I imagine, "Oh, My Neighbor" places you onto a raft and lets you drift away downstream into that world anyway, never once encountering an obstacle. The acoustic guitar and group vocals sound absolutely astounding and the album ends with you wanting to continue that journey forever...

If you were lucky enough to pre-order the EP, a special bonus track, "If I Cannot See Your Eyes" was included as well. This is the first track that What Laura Says ever recorded with Bob Hoag at Flying Blanket Studios back in 2009. Bob and the Blanket are back on this album as well, giving the songs the full bodied sound we've come to expect from the biggest indie name and studio in the Valley. On top of that, if I can quote the press release here, it was "mastered in Los Angeles by none other than esteemed audio legend Bernie Grundman (Thriller, The Chronic, Aja, Purple Rain)." That's quite impressive and Talk sounds as such, each track is huge in sound and rich in detail.

You simply cannot go wrong with Talk. What Laura Says is continually upping the ante on what to expect from Arizona bands. With a plethora of shows scheduled for the upcoming year and the band "hard at work" on there next full length, you will definitely get your chance to see them.
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