Jim Bachmann
To those people who say that country music is making a comeback, I say it never left.  It just went on a soul-searching mission for a while to rediscover its heritage and identity before resurfacing to remind people why it’s still around. 

One of those reminders has come in the form of Jim Bachmann.  I haven’t heard country music like that since I was a kid in dad’s car unable to control the radio. And there began my fondness for country music, real country music.  And that’s exactly where my mind and memory went to as soon as Jim started singing.  It has been a very long time since I have heard anything new that maintains a familiar, nostalgic sound.  I immediately became a fan of the band. 

Jim may not have the traditional country band “look” but as soon as the music begins nobody cares but he nailed the sound.  The music is twangy, bluesy, folkie, and fabulous.  Some hints of rock sneak in from time to time, but Jim’s voice holds to its authentic, southern-soul sound.

Catch Jim live around the Valley.  He’s certainly a man about town, frequently performing at local venues.  A favorite at Yucca, Jim also works with Mark Zubia to bring the much-loved cover-nights to the Tap Room.  Recently, Jim performed at Hanksgiving to an early crowd of appreciative onlookers. 

His original songs are just as, if not more, enjoyable. Young or old, everyone can relate to songs of lost loves, beer, and heartache. Those themes always apply to life.  But that voice, along with the music, immediately reminds older generations of their long ago pasts and the pioneers of the country sound.  Simultaneously, Jim Bachmann also informs those poor, unfortunate kids who missed out on the golden age of country. 

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- Dana Johnston

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